Summary & Takeaways


Much like physical health, employers play an important role in supporting the mental health of their employees. By offering and promoting mental health programs, information and support, employers can have a meaningful impact on the lives of their employees. An important piece of this support is understanding the needs and wants of the workforce when it comes to mental health.

Below are some steps employers can take as they guide their employees to be more open and honest about their mental health struggles so they can create and promote meaningful initiatives in the workplace.

Key Takeaways:

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  • Encourage employees and their managers to have open and honest communication about mental health issues that may arise – creating an environment that is supportive and encourages getting treatment.

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  • Provide more education to both managers and leaders on how to effectively support the mental health of their employees. By doing so, employees may be more likely to go to them for support.

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  • Promote mental health programs offered in the workplace. When used, the vast majority of employees find them helpful.

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  • Consider demographic differences in supporting mental health. Mental health needs and preferences may vary based on their age, gender and management status.

This research provides employers with initial action steps that can be implemented relatively easily but greatly impact employees’ mental health and general well-being, especially as mental health becomes a greater focus in the workplace.