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The Employee Voice

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Results from a National Employee Survey
On Employees’ Perceptions and Attitudes on Mental Health in the Workplace

The American Heart Association commissioned The Harris Poll to conduct an online national survey on mental health in September 2018.1 The survey was conducted to gain insight into employees’ attitudes toward, and experiences with, employers’ mental health offerings in the workplace, including policies, programs and practices across the prevention spectrum.

Of the 1,041 U.S. adults 18 years or older who participated in the survey, all work full time or part time at an organization that offers health insurance and has 25 or more employees. Respondents were selected among those who have agreed to participate in online surveys.

Understanding Employees’ Perceptions of Mental Health Support in the Workplace

What Employees Want
What Employers May Not Know
Issues Affecting Mental Health
Beliefs About Employer’s Commitment
Employee Perception of Mental Health Support
Support Employees Want
Demographic Variations
Comparing People Managers and Employees
Summary & Takeaways


  1. The survey was conducted between Sept. 5 and Sept. 18, 2018.