• About the American Heart Association CEO Roundtable

    The American Heart Association CEO Roundtable is an unprecedented leadership collaborative exclusively dedicated to improving employee and community health through evidence-based solutions. Nearly 50 CEOs have joined with the American Heart Association to build a high performing and healthy workforce by tackling the most pressing health concerns for their collective 13 million+ employees and family members.

    Fueled by the science and mission of the Association, member CEOs take bold action to help create solutions and systemic change for companies across the country.

    By testing, evaluating and sharing information about what works in workplace health, the CEO Roundtable is helping to scale evidence-based standards and best practices.

    Leading By Example

    CEO Roundtable members have collectively pledged to support these guiding principles:

    1. Model a healthy lifestyle and foster an organizational culture of health.
    2. Incorporate evidence-based solutions in employer sponsored health offerings for employees and families.
    3. Solve for priority health concerns facing employees and recognize companies for achieving measurable improvements in the health of the workforce.
    4. Implement strategies and solutions to break down barriers to health equity in the workplace and in communities.
    5. Inspire non-member CEOs to further equitable health and well-being in companies and communities across the nation and around the globe.

    Impact, Outcomes and Focus Areas

    Health Equity

    Develop an actionable roadmap for employers to break down barriers to achieving health equity, including social determinants of health, structural racism, and rural health challenges.

    Culture of Health

    Establish best practices that bolster workplace engagement and promote employee health.


    Educate the nation’s workforce and their families about risk factors and prevention measures, including vaccine compliance and responsible prescribing practices to combat the opioid crisis.

    Covid-19 Pandemic

    Provide safe and healthy work environments, smart testing strategies and equitable coverage for all.

    Mental Well-Being and Resilience

    Launch and drive momentum around “ Seven Actionable Strategies to Build a Mental Health-Friendly Workplace” for employers to better manage growing challenges exacerbated with poor mental health and provide workforce resilience training guidance.

  • We know that when people feel their best, they perform their best. That’s why a key focus of the CEO Roundtable is to transform the culture of health in America’s workplaces and beyond.

    Alex Gorsky

    Former CEO and Executive Chairman,
    Johnson & Johnson

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    The companies represented on the CEO Roundtable and many others are instrumental in delivering high quality, cost effective health benefits to working Americans. The American Heart Association is an important catalyst to focus business on wellness and the other ways to provide the best benefits in the most affordable way for our employees.

    Brian Moynihan

    Bank of America

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