Mindy Grossman on company’s shift towards health – not just weight loss

The unlikely pairing of Weight Watchers and music producer DJ Khaled, along with the diet’s new Freestyle program, marks a turn for the weight-loss company toward not just a new demographic but a new philosophy as well.

President and CEO Mindy Grossman told “CBS This Morning” that Weight Watchers is moving toward a more “holistic approach” to health instead of solely focusing on losing weight. The point system-based diet’s Freestyle program, introduced last month, includes more than 200 foods worth zero points, meaning they don’t need to be measured or tracked.

The list includes foods like eggs, seafood, corns, beans, fruit, salsa, and skinless chicken breast. Grossman said it’s the most “livable, simple and effective” plan in the company’s history.

“I don’t think anybody ever really over-ate chicken breast,” Grossman joked. “It really is about balance.”

Part of the idea behind Weight Watchers’ point system is that not all calories are created equal.

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