hidden CEO Roundtable Tobacco Policy Paper

CEO Roundtable Tobacco Policy Paper

Implementing comprehensive tobacco policies in the workplace can rapidly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, gradually reduce the additional risk for cancers, improve worker productivity and therefore reduce the direct and indirect medical costs of tobacco use.

hidden CEORT Mental Health Case Studies

CEORT Mental Health Case Studies

Descriptions from 19 companies that showcase a wide range of implemented programs, policies and practices. The intent in sharing these examples is to spark ideas among other companies and provide examples of mental health support for employees.

hidden CEORT Mental Health Rationale

CEORT Mental Health Rationale

Our Mission is to be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives. Grounded in the science of heart and brain health, we’re taking a holistic approach to well-being that includes mental health.

hidden Doctor, It’s Been Too Long

Doctor, It’s Been Too Long

We know many of our employees and their loved ones have cancelled or postponed doctor visits during the ongoing pandemic out of necessity, misinformation, or fear. We also know the pandemic has sparked an overall decrease in disease management, an overall increase in unhealthy behaviors, and sharp uptick in symptoms of anxiety or depression. How

hidden Equity at Work

Equity at Work

Read the new editorial series that highlights health equity efforts underway at companies that are part of the AHA CEO Roundtable leadership collaborative. Read More About Equity at Work