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Our Guiding Principles

We stand here today as a committed group of CEO’s pledging to foster a culture of health at the worksite to encourage and support employees and their families to make healthy lifestyle choices. We are proud to:
BrownNancy Brown
LundgrenTerry Lundgren
KravisHenry R. Kravis

  1. Serve as role models in taking positive steps toward healthy living
  2. Disseminate and support AHA research and other evidence-based outcomes on the science of health in the workplace among employers and employees
  3. Incorporate innovative technologies and other best practices that help employees build, maintain and monitor healthy lifestyle habits
  4. Promote the AHA's "Life Simple 7" as examples of an evidence-based common standard for employer-sponsored health programs within the context of our existing health and wellness programs
  5. Support a national award to recognize companies that create a culture of health and measurable improvements in health outcomes for its workforce
  6. Amplify a clear call to action for other CEOs to join us and take action in their own companies and communities

Want to Learn More?

If you would like to find out more about the American Heart Association CEO Roundtable please contact